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"Verifying your signature is what we do!"              "Helping elders manage money and finances"  

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Mobile Notary Public

Please contact  us when your signature(s) on your document(s) are ready to be notarized and you have a valid form of identification ready that matches the name on the document. Listed below are some of the most common documents needing notarization. 

Acknowledgments, Jurats, Oaths, Affirmations, Trust Documents, Power of Attorneys, Adoption/Divorce Papers, Medical , Insurance, Health Documents, Visa/Passport Documents, Certified "True" Copies, Depositions and Affidavits, Guardianship, School Records, Medical                                                                     Forms, Transfer of Real Estate, Wills, DMV Documents and I-9 Employment Verification                                                                         Documents.                                                     


                                                               Please contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss fees.

Notary Signing Agent

A Notary For You meets with the borrower at a designated location, ensures that the borrower signs, initials and dates the loan documents in all appropriate places and then notarizes the borrower's signature where necessary. Once this is completed, we are responsible to see that the signed and notarized loan documents are delivered to the closing agent or other designated office.

By meeting the borrower at home or another convenient location for the signing, A Notary For You eliminates the need for a time-consuming trip by the borrower to close the loan. 

This is more convenient for both the closing agent and the borrower.

                                                                  A Notary For You has successfully completed these types of signings: Purchase, Refinance,                                                                      Conventional, FHA, VA, Home Equity, Reverse Mortgage Loans, Investment Properties,                                                                             Lines of Credit, Seller Side Signings, and other real estate transactions.  

                                                                  Please contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss fees.

Special Notary Request, travel to nursing homes, hospitals, jails

Special Notary Request

A Notary For You frequently makes visits to a hospitals and nursing homes to notarize documents for patients.  Common documents seen are the financial power of attorney (POA), medical power of attorney, last will and living will.

Patients have varying degrees of injuries, conditions and illnesses, from minor problems to terminal illnesses.  Some patients are in pain or discomfort.  While we can’t help them with their medical problems, we are glad to be able to help them by notarizing their paperwork. We also provide jail notarization (Mercer County only).

                                                                  Please contact us to schedule an appointment and discuss fees.

Minding Your Money

Minding Your Money (MYM) provides a service to a relative having trouble paying bills and managing life's paperwork. We can help with the day-to-day tasks, provide financial assistance for seniors needing daily  money management . Some of these services would include: paying bills, balancing checkbook, preparing budgets, maintaining financial records and keeping track of important dates. MYM does not do tax return or give any type of tax or legal advice.

                                                                   Please contact us today to discuss services and fees.